Share Draft (Checking) Accounts No minimum balance

  • No per check charge, no monthly fees
  • Payroll deduction/automatic deposit/direct deposit 
  • Dividends paid monthly on average balances over $1000 
  • Set up automatic payment for your utilities and bills 
  • Overdraft protection loan available to qualified borrowers
  • Instant Cash&Check cards 

Regular shares

  • Minimum balance $35
  • Dividends paid quarterly based on average balance
  • Payroll deduction
  • Instant Cash cards

Vacation club savings

  • Set aside money now for that dream vacation later 
  • Dividends paid quarterly based on average balance  
  • Payroll deduction 
  • Club accounts help you budget money for your expenses.  
  • Use them to save for vacations, holiday spending, taxes, insurance, down payments, or anything else you wish.  Then you have the money when you need it.

Christmas club 

  • Set aside money now and have your holiday spending money Dividends paid quarterly based on average balance 
  • Payroll deduction 
  • Balances automatically issued in time for shopping

IRA accounts

  • Set aside money for your retirement, enjoy tax benefits 
  • Dividends paid quarterly 
  • Payroll deduction 


  • Earn a higher yield on your money by locking it up for 6 to 36 months 


  • Preapproval available 
  • Secured loans 
  • Secured loans up to $40,000 Includes new and used autos, trucks, motorcycles, boats, campers, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, and more. 
  • Car buying service – purchase cars and trucks for less Signature loans Unsecured loans up to $3,000 
  • Borrow for you miscellaneous lending needs
  • Loan specials Watch your statements for occasional loan specials. 

Other member benefits:

  • “Once a member, always a member.”
  • Your family members are also eligible for membership.
  • 1st mortgage loan application processing
  • Route66 Auto Warranty
  • Free notary service